Chicago Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Services

My Guy HVAC, INC. Offers same day repair service on all makes and models of water heaters, heating, central air conditioning & furnaces. Regardless of brand, we've got you covered!

24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, you have My Guy HVAC repair specialist waiting for your call. We can repair any HVAC equipment regardless of make and model. Fast Response Time & Competitive Pricing!

New Home Owners

We cater to the new home owner!  My Guy HVAC will take the time to explain your heating & air conditioning system in terms you will understand. When it comes to your comfort & safety, there are no stupid questions. Please ask.


20 point + Inspection of your HVAC system to make sure you system is safe and ready to use. 

  • Check thermostat and calibrate if necessary
  • Check chimney base
  • Clean and check pilots
  • Adjust pilot
  • Check Thermocouple
  • Clean burners
  • Adjust burners
  • Check fan belts
  • Check amperage draw
  • Check furnace filters*
  • Check safety devices
  • Check heat anticipators
  • Check thermostat contacts
  • Check limit control
  • Inspect combustion chamber
  • Check blower wheel
  • Check blower motor and lube
  • Check furnace wiring
  • Check for combustion air
  • Check hot water tank
  • Check gas valve operation
  • Test for gas leaks
  • Check humidifier*
  • Check electrical connections
  • Inspect heat exchanger for leaks
  • Check motors and oil if necessary
  • Check any/all accessories
  • Check and secure all panels
  • Check condensate hoses
  • Request Furnace Repair Service


Instructions on how to set your thermostat, Humidifier and other equipment.

How to use a programable thermostat  to save on your utility cost & change the batteries.

How to maintain optimal humidity levels.


What to do in an emergency.

Where to find your gas shut off, power switch or power breakers & water shut off valves. who to call & when.


What you can maintain on your own.

Where to find your filter, how often you should change it & proper instalation.


How a annual maintenance agreement can save you money.

a. Lengthens the life of the equipment by keeping it in good working condition.

b. Maintains efficient equipment operation which saves you energy dollars.

c. Saves you money by reducing the costs of needed repairs.

d. Regular service protects your warranty.


Your Hot Water Heater, Yes we do that!

How to light your pilot, if applicable. where to locate your water valves & proper maintenance of your water heater.